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Fiona wears a suit by FILIPPA K, the accents are inspired by the traditional suit style. The oversize blazer with pinstripe pattern has a back slit, lapel collar and three buttons at the front. The matching trousers are inspired by classic men’s apparel – classic, elegant and in combination with the blazer a quintessential ensemble. To emphasize the look, which is a slight nod to the late 1970s, two pieces from the current CELINE collection are added. ‘Ava’ – the latest model from the iconic bag line is characterized by its crescent shape and the Triomphe Canvas. A reference to the historic Triomphe pattern that was first introduced in 1972. Hardly visible, but still there: the golden earrings by LOREN STEWART. The black suede pumps are by MAX MARA.

The French word ‘Triomphe’ has different meanings. ‘Triomphe’ means achievement in direct translation, but many may know the term from the Parisian iconic landmark ‘Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile’. And yes, that association is accurate: Dating back to 1973, Céline Vipiana – founder of the maison – took inspiration from the famous Parisian monument. She created an emblematic icon, then known under the name of Blazon Chaîne. The logo does not show a direct image of the Arc de Triomphe, rather it was inspired by the motifs on the chain links that are still in front of the arc today. This passage is taken from the article ‘CELINE TRIOMPHE – A re-issued Icon’, which was first published in April 2020.

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