The Dashing Rider Profile Leo Outfit

‘There’s a part of my that wants to have a grindcore band and another that wants to have a raspberries-type pop band’ – Courtney Love

It says it all, right. Each and every one of us are a complex mix of emotions – an unpredictable mash up of light and dark. Life wouldn’t be much fun in beige…Unless of course we’re talking heels and an overcoat.

Hi there, I’m Fiona, curator of The Dashing Rider. This is my little space on the internet where I showcase all the things I love. Here is my personal collection of stylings, photography, inspiration and fashion. If it’s caught my eye and has me dreaming – it’s here. To me, fashion is so much more than clothes and accessories – it’s about being swept away. Each time I open my closet it’s an opportunity to explore myself and my surroundings and to tell a new story. I cloak myself in my feelings, my moods. And then capture it and leave it here, for all to see.

As a graduated art historian and media scholar based in Braunschweig, Germany, I draw inspiration from not only my studies, but the whole wide world. The latest trends, my vintage Vogues, classic styles from forgotten time, the fabulous women I pass on the street. You might just find yourself here, in the depths of my thoughts and loves.

I am also forever charmed by the deep hum of the media and love how much this dark art has envolved over time to give each and every one of us a voice through social media. You will find constant updates from me on all the channels – Facebook, Instagram and Google+. Oh and spoiler alert, I am just a tiny bit addicted to social media (Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone!).

And so as the great Courtney Love proclaims, girls, let’s mix it up! Designer with high street, classic with edge. Red lipstick with dark music, sunglasses with sweet brewed tea.

Stay a little while, and share with me. Discover the things I love.