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On display:
A pair of Rose Hermès objects
Shot on film


The Launch of a Blush
An Extension of the Métier La Beauté Hermès

The color rose — it can be delicate and sensual, fresh and intense yet electric and striking. While Rouge Hermès adds color with just a single stroke, Rose Hermès is the color of a sensitive and radiant presence. It tells the story of the House of Hermès, which has always artfully displayed and used a wide variety of shades of rose. Think of the objects in the Musée Émile Hermès, for example: Ancien, Flamand, Peau d’ange and Poudré are predominant shades.
In the world of Hermès, pink is the emotion of the dawning day, a signature of gentleness that combines vivacity and courage. Whether it’s the parasol riding crop of the Empress of France Eugénie, a 1960s wool blazer using the color Azalée, or the many carrés — the color rose is prominent in the house of Hermès.

In 2021, the rose returns in a natural way: charming, playful, of feminine-masculine nature. Pink is a color that gives texture to emotions and creates a link between the visible and the invisible. It is the aura of the complexion, bringing out the inner light.

At the heart of the formula is a mineral powder. Vitamin E has an antioxidant effect and combines the perfect finish with an individually determinable opacity. The blush is declined along a chromatic and olfactory scale in different notes. A fragrance specially designed for the collection by Christine Nagel reveals notes of arnica, sandalwood and green tea aromas.

Visually, the Rose Hermès Silky Blush breaks with conventions — the round case with an eccentrically offset mirror suggests femininity and playful dynamism, according to Pierre Hardy. When closed, the object is much quieter than Rouge Hermès, representing the transition from the abstract to the sensual. The concave ex-libris created by Émile Hermès makes it look like a flat stone of white-gold light and permabrass. Pierre Hardy designed this particular everyday object, which is characterized by its lightness, making it ideal for the use on the go.

On display:
Rose Hermès Silky Blush
No. 19 Rose Apricot

“While red is a marked line,
pink is more diffuse, almost impalpable.

Red is a confident signature,
whereas pink expresses transience,
the fresh bloom of sensation.
It is a spectrum of reverie rather than
a bold and delineated colour.”


The compact powder box is sustainable and refillable by simply replacing the powder dish. At the same time, Hermès released the Rosy Lip Perfector, a moisturizing lip balm that conjures a soft and subtle shimmer of color on the lips.
The Rose Hermès collection also includes a blush brush — made of lacquered wood and goat hair, which was brought together by hand by a French brush maker. For travel, there is a smaller blush brush that is easy to clean because of its durable synthetic fibers. The Rose Hermès collection is made complete by the Pommette leather case — specially designed for the world of Hermès Beauté.

Early last year, Hermès debuted its new Métier La Beauté Hermès. Hermès, a house of objects since 1837, dedicated its first collection – Rouge Hermès – to the beauty of the lips. The Métier is committed to excellence and the savoir-faire characteristic of Hermès and is a collaborative creation under the direction of Pierre-Alexis Dumas, the artistic director of Hermès. The lipsticks are assembled by hand from noble materials – lacquered, brushed and polished metal in black, white or permabrass. Timeless and innovative design: the line of cosmetic products impress not only with their wonderful appearance, but also with their sustainable approach. Read more about my first encounter with Rouge Hermès here.

“Design is where necessity meets fantasy. Objects must come to life through a creative approach that pushes them further, transcending their utility. The tube is transformed into a colour palette. The golden ex-libris provides visual guidance, a point of the reference for the eye before the finger.”