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Hermès, a house of objects since 1837, presents its sixteenth Métier with La Beauté Hermès and the first Rouge Hermès collection dedicated to the beauty of the lips. The Métier is committed to excellence and the savoir-faire characteristic of Hermès and is a collaborative creation under the direction of Pierre-Alexis Dumas, the artistic director of Hermès.

Rouge Hermès lipsticks are unique Hermès objects that express all the principles of the house. They have the same functional aesthetics as all objects of the maison. Various creative minds of the house have worked closely together during the creation process: Pierre Hardy, creative director for shoes and jewelry at Hermès, designed the object.


Bali Barret, artistic director of the Women’s Universe and creative director for women’s silk, brought her vision of femininity and color, while Jérôme Touron, creative director of Hermès Beauté, translated this vision into make-up. The work on object, material, color, technique and texture resulted from a creative interplay of their affinities and similarities. Christine Nagel, director of Hermès Parfum, finally added the fragrance to this composition.


“Just as a silk scarf adorns a woman’s neck, makes her shine and reveals her beauty, we wanted to find or rediscover for Hermès Beauté an emotional sense of color as an expression of femininity.”


The lipsticks are assembled by hand from noble materials – lacquered, brushed and polished metal in black, white or permabrass. Timeless and innovative design: the new cosmetic products impress not only with their wonderful appearance, but also with their sustainable approach. The sticks are made of plastic-free materials and are refillable, designed for a long life.

Color is a language in itself at Hermès. It is a passion, a craft of nuances and always a search for the right and perfect shade. At the maison, colors go on a journey and reinvent themselves with each new material. The sensual, fine texture of the sticks applies the color with a single stroke, with a matt or silky finish reminiscent of the Doblis or Box leather of the house. The elegance, attitude and imagination of the house are expressed in 24 shades, 10 matte and 14 silky gloss – a fine selection which is inspired by the Métiers silk with its vast range of colors (75,000 shades) and leathers (900 tones).


The emblematic collection includes a biannual limited collection of three bold and contrasting colors created to add a new dimension to beauty. In addition to the lipsticks, there are other objects that are used as the basis of a beauty ritual: a lip care balm, the Gloss Stick Poppy, a universal lip liner, a lip brush made of lacquered wood and three leather cases, one of which has a removable pocket mirror.

Shot on location in Munich

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