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From Reims to Berlin

A Carte Blanche with French artist Eva Jospin

Invited as the Carte Blanche artist for 2023, Eva Jospin offers her vision of the terroir of the Maison Ruinart. Inspired by the richness of the region around Reims, such as the underground world of the Crayères, the intertwining vines to the transformation of the old chalk quarries into cellars, Jospin created extensive works at the Maison Ruinart. With her drawings, sculptures and embroideries she invites us to immerse ourselves in this landscape. As if we were diving into a mysterious story that connects the cycles of history and plants, life and creation.

Now the art of Eva Jospin can also be experienced in Berlin. During Gallery Weekend Berlin, the Amtsalon is transformed into the Maison Ruinart. Ruinart Maison 1729—From Reims to Berlin shows the multifaceted and fascinating Ruinart universe on three floors. The centerpiece is the exhibition of works by Jospin: An installation called Promenade(s), inspired by the richness of the area around Reims. Her sculptures and reliefs are layered and cut from corrugated fiberboard, referencing branches and twigs as a recurring motif. After the exhibition in Berlin, Eva Jospin’s sustainable artworks will travel around the world, including to Art Basel and Frieze New York.

In addition to the exhibition of Eva Jospin’s impressive artworks, guests can enjoy a glass of champagne at the Ruinart bar or a Food for Art dinner at Lovis Restaurant, created by Sophia Rudolph. Furthermore, guests may purchase personalized gifts or experience surprising scents and aromas in the dedicated room.

When I visited the Champagne region, I explored the vineyards and the Crayères. I preceived pathways and connections that join these two worlds, serving as my source of inspiration.

— Eva Jospin

RUINART MAISON 1729—From Reims to Berlin
From 27th April until 2nd May 2023
Daily from 12pm – 8pm

Kantstraße 79, 10627 Berlin

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In sculpting cardboard, I engage in a patient, sometimes tedious process, which enables this seemingly worthless material to be elevated so as to create a unique work of art, like champagne made in an artisanal way from mere grapes.

— Eva Jospin

Eva Jospin, PROMENADE(S)

Our passion for culture, a vector of civilization, is ancient. We believe in the power of art to connect people and make the world more sensitive and intelligible.

— Frédéric Dufour
President, Maison Ruinart

in partnership with RUINART
shot on location at RUINART MAISON 1729, BERLIN

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