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The Marbella Club


Set between the turquoise Mediterranean Sea and the majestic Sierra Blanca mountains, the MARBELLA CLUB is an oasis of luxury on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain. This exclusive retreat, which has been attracting the jet set from all over the world since the 1950s, embodies a blend of sophistication, tradition and timeless elegance.

Upon invitation of THE MARBELLA CLUB HOTEL
Shot on location in MARBELLA, SPAIN

The 1970s in particular left a memorable mark on the Marbella Club that can still be felt today. International stars such as Brigitte Bardot, Sean Connery and Grace Kelly enjoyed the sunny days on the beaches of the coast and the glamorous nights at the Marbella Club. Even presidents and royalty were among the guests. But how did these high-profile guests end up at this place in Spain in the first place?

A closer look at the past reveals it: Conde Rudi von Schönburg began his career at the Marbella Club in the late 1950s as a recent graduate of hotel management school and later ran the luxury hotel opened by his cousin Alfonso in 1954 as director for decades. Alfonso spent a lot of time in Los Angeles and St. Moritz, so that the word about the Marbella Club spread quickly.

Eyeshadow Les 4 Ombres Éclat by CHANEL
Handlotion La Crème Main by CHANEL

Over the course of the late 1960s, Marbella became an international attraction for high society. This was crowned in 1970 with the construction of the Puerto Banús yacht marina. But the area is also thoroughly attractive. While it is far too hot in other places in summer, Marbella is characterized by its privileged location on the Mediterranean. Due to the Sierra Blanca and the La Concha mountain, Marbella is practically in a blind spot, creating a kind of microclimate nest.

This microclimate ensures pleasant temperatures in hot months and also provides warmer conditions in the winter months. This is also evident throughout the cityscape. Thanks to the climate, the vegetation is lush. Not only in the old town, but also in the Marbella Club. Palm trees and exotic flowers can be found everywhere.

Next to the opulent lobby lies the Prince Alfonso salon.
A room filled with memories, objects and old pictures from years gone by.

The design and interior of the Marbella Club are characterized by an elegant mix of traditional Andalusian architecture, Moorish influences and contemporary luxury. The resort has managed to retain its original charm while meeting the needs of modern travelers. Whitewashed buildings with terracotta roofs and Moorish arches lend the hotel a timeless elegance. The interior design of the Marbella Club impresses with traditional craftsmanship.

Handmade carpets and antique furniture create an atmosphere of sophisticated luxury. Art also plays an important role in the interior of the Marbella Club. Original paintings and sculptures adorn the public areas. The artworks often reflect local influences and create a link to the rich history of the region.

Serpenti Forever Bag by BULGARI
White Smoking Blazer by DOROTHEE SCHUMACHER

“Dressing for dinner is like taking off the day’s worries and slipping into a relaxed and celebratory evening mood.”
—Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe

The iconic Marbella Club not only boasts breathtaking views of the sea but also serves a culinary experience that is nothing short of extraordinary. Especially The Grill stands out here. Classic, fine cuisine with dishes such as foie gras terrine, lobster tagliatelle and Châteaubriand are on the menu. Served on silver under the rustling of the pine trees on the terrace. Iconic dishes reminiscent of the 1960s and 1970s can also be found at the Beach Club, such as the classic Prawn Cocktail with its signature Marie Rose sauce.

upon invitation of THE MARBELLA CLUB HOTEL
shot on location in MARBELLA, SPAIN