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The Art Soirée Club

at Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen

On Wednesday evening, 18th October 2023, Fiona Dinkelbach, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Dashing Rider, hosted The Art Soirée Club, an exclusive reception for friends from the art scene in partnership with OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN at the Munich flagship store.

Since 1963, OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN has been synonymous with superior craftsmanship and exceptional design. Taking inspiration from nature, art and architecture, namesake Ole Lynggaard followed his creative vision to create sculptural jewelry that is both timeless and contemporary. He was inspired to become a goldsmith by his parents, who owned two jewelry stores. Determined to improve his talent as a craftsman and designer, Ole Lynggaard spent five years traveling the globe, working and educating himself with stops at the Fifth Avenue workshops in New York City and at jewelry studios at Place Vendôme in Paris, among others. He found also inspiration in exotic shapes, scents, colors and textures in ancient Egypt, Japan, China and Thailand.

Today, in addition to Ole, his daughter Charlotte Lynggaard, who holds the position of the creative director, designs the jewelry. Charlotte Lynggaard’s often floral and graceful jewelry creations are feminine, strong and beautiful, poignant and ornamental at the same time. Even if the styles and the subjects change, always kept in mind at OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN the highest degree of perfection, which already requires the extremely careful and sensitive selection of the individual components. The most famous collections include Lotus, Elephant, Snakes, and Shooting Stars.

At this very first iteration of THE ART SOIRÉE CLUB, guests had the opportunity to explore the collection, enjoy a glass of RUINART champagne and good conversations in a private, intimate setting.
The idea for The Art Soirée was born from the absence of a format for people from the art industry to meet and mingle informally in an exclusive atmosphere. Without lectures and talks, of which everyone in the industry certainly already has more than enough. The event thrives on the invited guests and their shared interest in art. The magazine’s long-term partner RUINART provided champagne for the guests.

Guests included partners and friends from Max Goelitz Gallery, Pulpo Gallery, Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle, Galerie Droste, Karl & Faber Auction House, Ketterer Kunst Auction House, Heldenreizer Contemporary, Parnass Magazine, Peninsula Hotels, as well as art collectors, art lawyers and board members from supporting associations of Pinakothek der Moderne and Haus der Kunst.

MADELEINE FREUND, art historian, independent editor and curator



YELIZ KAISER, director at Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle

CAROLINE ANGERMANN, consultant at Max Goelitz Gallery

MAGDALENA SHTERIANOVA, Karl & Faber Auction House

in partnership with OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN
champagne by RUINART
shot on location in MUNICH, GERMANY
event photography by MAXIMILIAN BRIDTS
jewelry photography by FIONA DINKELBACH