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Friedrich Kunath
Sarah Morris and Alexander Kluge
Rosemary Mayer
Josephine Baker
D’Ette Nogle
Berta Fischer
Philippe Parreno
Ugo Rondinone
Brian Belott
Jeremy Shaw
Andreas Gursky

König Galerie
König Galerie
Galerie Barbara Weiss
Esther Schipper
Esther Schipper
Tanya Leighton
Julia Stoschek Collection
Sprüth Magers



Gallery Weekend Berlin
A curated Tour with Audemars Piguet

The Gallery Weekend Berlin usually takes place in spring. Due to the pandemic it was moved to September this year. More than 50 major and smaller Berlin galleries invited to an inspiring tour through the creative scene for three days – not only renowned artists are shown but also young emerging positions.


Friedrich Kunath ― Sensitive Euro Man

Sarah Morris and Alexander Kluge ― Cats and Ghosts

KÖNIG GALERIE presents the first solo show of Friedrich Kunath at the NAVE in St. Agnes and at the same time his first solo exhibition in Germany since 2016. Works never shown before, including a larger-than-life sculpture, are on display. Kunath’s work focuses on melancholy and dark motifs, paired with garish colors and themes of pop culture. His landscapes seem idealized, reminiscent of German Romanticism – probably the most German of all German art ideas. But they also appear broken, uncanny and dreary. They evoke an atmosphere of uneasiness. The romanticism is satirized, yet confirmed. Friedrich Kunath – Sensitive Euro Man, KÖNIG GALERIE. Until October 18th 2020.

Parallel to this, KÖNIG GALERIE is showing the exhibition Cats and Ghosts by artist Sarah Morris and filmmaker Alexander Kluge. The two met while setting one of Morris’ screenplays to record, when she was looking for a distinctive male voice – this first collaboration laid the foundation for further projects. At KÖNIG GALERIE you can now see a series of short stories by Kluge, which Morris took to her studio in New York and set to sound. On this basis, three films were created which can now be seen in Berlin. They will be projected onto the artwork The Conversation, which Morris made especially for this exhibition. In addition, another work will be shown – Sound Graphs brings the two artists back to the beginning of their meeting: Morris uses the voice recordings that Alexander Kluge recorded for them at the time. In addition, sharp-edged geometric shapes sway across the canvas. Sarah Morris and Alexander Kluge – Cats and Ghosts, KÖNIG GALERIE. Until September 20th 2020.


Rosemary Mayer ― Rods Bent Into Bows

Josephine Baker ― The Land Lies

ChertLüdde is currently showing two exhibitions by female artists in its gallery rooms. The exhibition Rods Bent Into Bows – Fabric Sculptures and Drawings (1972-1973) marks a very special occasion here: it is the first solo exhibition of New York artist Rosemary Mayer (1943-2014) in Europe. The focus is on sculptures and drawings from the years 1972-73. In the 1970s she began working with fabrics, deconstructing paintings and using the canvas as an independent material. Another remarkable point is that many of the works are being shown for the first time since the 1970s. Rosemary Mayer was a notable figure in the New York art scene beginning in the late 1960s – she was intimately involved in a close-knit network of gallerists, scholars and fellow artists (she was the sister of poet and writer Bernadette Mayer, associated with the Language Poets and the New York School), but also known as a active participant in feminist artistic discourses. Her work is widely diversified. She is best known for her large-format installations using fabric as her main material, but she has also created works on paper, artist books and worked as a conceptual writer, art critic and translator. Rosemary Mayer – Rods Bent Into Bows – Fabric Sculptures and Drawings (1972-1973), ChertLüdde. Until 31st October 2020.

The installation The Land Lies by Josephine Baker (b. 1990) will be shown at BUNGALOW at ChertLüdde. BUNGALOW is a room in the basement of ChertLüdde dedicated to young contemporary artists, a gallery program that provides further emphasis on the research-based aspect of the gallery program by inviting a new generation of artists. The work Baker’s at ChertLüdde is characterized by the term and the different meanings of isolationism: political as well as social and geographical. Josephine Baker – The Land Lies. ChertLüdde. Until 31st October 2020.


D’Ette Nogle


Since the late 1990s, D’Ette Nogle has created a diverse body of work inspired by and indicative of her experiences as both an artist and schoolteacher. Her exhibitions usually show the artistic background of her own productions. While often centered around video, Nogle also works in installations with photography, sculpture, painting, and appropriated material. The exhibition at Sweetwater is based on Sigmar Polke’s painting Schrank from 1963, a small beige canvas whose only painted elements are a line in the middle and two small keyholes. In a new video, Nogle examines the painting and draws on a wide range of references, including stories about the US Air Force pilot Gail Halvorsen and allusions to the British-French film Girl on a Motorcycle. D’Ette Nogle – ˙|˙. Sweetwater. Until 24th October 2020.


Berta Fischer

Berta Fischer’s exhibition in the Barbara Weiss Gallery includes a series of polychromatic sculptures made of acrylic glass and other synthetic substances. Hanging on the walls and ceiling, they seem to float in the gallery space, creating an impression of lightness that has turned out to be the artist’s signature. Formally, the sculptures oscillate between biomorphic, crystalline and liquid forms, a playful indeterminacy that is further emphasized by their reflective surfaces and the luminous symphonies of neon colors. By juxtaposing formal and chromatic registers, the works appear both exuberant and measured, dense and ephemeral. With their multifaceted visual vocabulary, they allow the viewer to encounter the sculpture’s essential plasticity – its potential to inhabit, modulate and animate space. Berta Fischer. Galerie Barbara Weiss. Until 31st October 2020.


Philippe Parreno ― Manifestations

Ugo Rondinone ― nuns + monks

The current exhibition Manifestations by Philippe Parreno is already his eighth solo exhibition at Esther Schipper. His work shows a conglomerate of different media: a CGI film, atmospheric sensors, robotic systems, computer codes and even water and ice. In the exhibition, different things are combined with each other that are normally not connected. He creates events that react to unfinished existences that need to be reinforced. The French philosopher Etienne Souriau uses the term L’instauration to describe this process. L’instauration is eternal, indefinite and uncertain. Manifestations of such instruments, such as a sound or even an object, a situation or a landscape, enable each of them to achieve “the full radiance of reality” in scenes that are constantly repeated because they lack finality. Philippe Parreno – Manifestations. Esther Schipper. Until 17th October 2020.

Stones – a present and repeating material and symbol in the art of Ugo Rondinone. They are the subjects of the stone figures that he created, for example the monumental installation Seven Magic Mountains in the Nevada desert in 2016. It is about the study and pleasure of naturally formed stones as objects of beauty and contemplation. For their part, they create personal, meditative states of gaze in which the boundaries between the outside world and the visualized interiors are opened up. In this way, Rondinone makes sculptures of what it means and how it feels to see, whether this is understood as a physical or metaphysical phenomenon. The exhibition nuns + monks at Esther Schipper will continue to deal with the double reflection between the inner self and the natural world. Just as the outer world that one sees is inseparably connected to the inner structures of one’s own self, nuns + monks will allow such
layers of meaning to enter and exit the field of vision, letting the viewer wallow in the pure sensory experience of color, form, and mass, while at the same time producing a very contemporary version of the sublime. Ugo Rondinone – nuns + monks. Esther Schipper. Until 17th October 2020.



Brian Belott ― Circa Skippy

Tanya Leighton is currently showing the first solo show of New York artist Brian Belott in Germany. Circa Skippy focuses on his series of Puuuuuuuuuff-paintings. Brian Belott’s practice is in a constant state of flow, guided by an unrelenting curiosity that is aware of art history but operates without the fear of its influence. He is resolutely innovative in terms of materials and approaches, and his studio need not fear comparison with a chemical laboratory. Driving these combinations almost to the point of absurdity, Belott’s works incorporate and ultimately overwhelm everyday objects such as box compartments, calculators, socks, commercial freezers and much more. Brian Belott – Circa Skippy. Tanya Leighton. Until 24th October 2020.



Jeremy Shaw ― Quantification Trilogy

Jeremy Shaw’s Quantification Trilogy comprises three parafictional short films. The thematically and temporally interwoven works tell of marginalized communities in a future after “The Quantification”. Through a scientific discovery, all parameters of transcendental experience have been empirically recorded. For this vision, Shaw draws on 20th-century aesthetics and visual media, bringing together stylistic elements from cinéma vérité, ethnographic film, conceptual art, and music video genres to suggest to the viewer the authenticity of what he has seen and to open up critical perspectives on systems of power. The Quantification Trilogy unfolds along the lines of counterculture, theories of evolution, virtual reality, neurotheology, esotericism, dance, the representation of the sublime, and notions of transcendence. Jeremy Shaw – Quantification Trilogy. Julia Stoschek Collection. Until 29th November 2020.



Andreas Gursky

Monika Sprüth and Philomene Magers are showing an extensive exhibition at their gallery Sprüth Magers featuring one of the most important photographers of our time. Andreas Gursky exhibits his latest work since almost three years. He picks up a number of topics he has been working on for years. Despite the continuity in the subject matter – our built environment, man’s influence on nature – the new pictures embed his analyses in current events and offer changed locations and situations that are worth exploring. Andreas Gursky. Sprüth Magers. Until 14th November 2020.


Audemars Piguet has a long affinity to contemporary art. The focus is especially on the connections between art, craft and technical subjects. Audemars Piguet has been a global associate partner of Art Basel since 2013 and has introduced innovative lounge concepts in the Collectors Lounge in Hong Kong, Basel and Miami Beach. The art projects invite artists to create works that express their own highly individual interpretation of the company’s cultural and geographical origins.

Audemars Piguet became a partner of Gallery Weekend Berlin in 2014 – the most widely attended event for contemporary art in the city. Here too, the Swiss watch manufacturer highlights its long-term relationships with artists, galleries and museums. Over the last ten years, Gallery Weekend Berlin has established itself as an outstanding platform for collectors, curators and art experts from all over Europe and the world. In recent years, international guests have traveled from Russia, China and the USA, to name just a few.

This tour was realized in partnership with Audemars Piguet.
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