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They are large, striking and yet there is something delicate and fine about them. They became particularly popular in the 1960s through their famous wearer Jackie Kennedy and now they seem to be everywhere again: The Button Earrings. The earrings convey an elegance and a subtle way to emphasize certain features of the face, as Jackie Kennedy already knew.

They are larger than regular stud earrings. Usually the classic models are rather round and made so that they fit exactly in the middle of the earlobe, sometimes embellished, sometimes with gems or designed with a simple gold finish – a classic style worn by many women in the mid-20th century. But they are also to be found in organic forms, with quite surprising and unusual textures, endless colors and materials.

My New York version is also from the 1960s – bought at an antique market in Manhattan. They show a traditional style – a gemstone (or cut glass) in the middle, surrounded by a golden wreath. The “round brilliant cut” is the most classic cut and is used to maximize brilliance – a look that has been popular since the early 1900s.

Blazer: Pinstriped Homme Blazer by SAINT LAURENT  Shoes: Slingback Pumps by CHANEL  Earrings: Vintage sourced in New York City.


A story in black and white, shot on location in Munich.

A memory of New York. It is certainly a memory, even if I can’t remember the exact day. Maybe the trip was just too long ago (it was my first trip to New York in 2009). But what has remained are the earrings, which I have owned for over 11 years now. I hesitate to part with things with which I associate something. After all, they always stand for a certain time, a period — and a faded memory.

Fiona wears a blazer by Saint Laurent Homme, combined with Vintage Chanel pumps from the early 1990s and clip-on earrings bought in New York.

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